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Salad of pickled pear and blue cheese

Came across this tasty sounding salad on the Irish Independent website the other day, we think it sounds delicious! The Recipe says: “This combination works every time- sweet-spiced piquant pears, blue cheese, crisp bacon and walnuts. We use Crozier Blue, a semi-soft sheeps’ cheese from the producers of Cashel Blue.” See the full recipe on […]

Grilled Peaches With Cashel Blue Cheese

Really nice Cashel Blue recipe over on the Kerry Gold USA site Go to the Kerry Gold Website to see the full recipe

Crozier Blue cheese salad dressing, cobb salad, no bake blueberry pie!

Móna Wise Sunday Times Article A nice recipe from Móna and Ron Wise’s website, that featured in the Sunday Times on August 19th 2012, why not head on over and have a look: Blue cheese salad dressing, Cobb Salad, no bake blueberry pie

Cashel Blue Cheese to be part of ‘Cheeses of Ireland’ range from Tesco

We are delighted to announce that Cashel Blue will be part of Tesco’s “Cheeses of Ireland” range. For more information on see the Tipperary Star article.

Iced Cashel Blue

We found this very original sounding recipe online today over at – havent tried it yet, if you do let us know how you get on! We particularly love the tip that: “PREP TIME DOESN”T INCLUDE FREEZE TIME” Read more the full recipe (it’s very short really!) over on The article seems to […]

Grilled peach, bacon & cashelblue salad with spinach, rocket & toasted walnuts.

We thought we’d share this great Instagram photo of a lovely looking grilled peach, bacon & Cashel Blue salad with spinach, rocket & toasted walnuts by food blogger Kirstin. See the full photo on Instagram here and if you want to read about an American and her gastro adventures around Ireland Kiristin’s blog is here.

Bacon-Wrapped Dates Stuffed with Cashel Blue Cheese

Another tasty tip that uses Cashel Blue in the recipe over on the Kerry Gold USA site Go to the Kerry Gold Website to see the full recipe

Cashel Blue is special!

We saw this photo over on twitter recently, Barry Harte from Harte’s Bar & Grill in Kildare, tweeted about a delicious sounding special they have on this week: Braised beef & Cashel Blue taglietelle, spinach, runner beans, tomato & soda bread crumbs – Yum! If you would like to follow Barry on Twitter follow this […]

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