Cashel Blue

Characterful but not strong. Our youngest Cashel Blue will reach you at between 6 to 10 weeks of age and is pleasant, firm and creamy edged with an established blue character which is offset by a mouth-watering tanginess. By 3 months of maturation your Cashel Blue will have broken down to a richer, fuller and rounder flavour developing greater creaminess as it matures up to 6 months. The look: Cashel Blue has a white paste when young turning increasingly towards a buttery yellow as it matures. Throughout this paste there is a blueing often referred to as having marble-like pattern. The rind, which with time can develop a film of surface mould is untreated and is therefore edible. It is intrinsic to the cheese and contributes to the breaking down of the paste, adding further flavour and complexity. N.B. the rind can taste saltier than the inner paste.” Sergio & Sarah Furno (Cashel Blue Maturers and Selectors).

Established in 1984 Cashel Blue is the original Irish Farmhouse cow’s milk blue cheese. Cashel Blue is a unique creation of J&L Grubb Ltd’s founders, Jane and Louis Grubb. Developed at a time when softer blue cheeses were a rarity in the English speaking world, Cashel Blue truly set the trend as an alternative to the traditional and stronger Blue Stilton.

Cashel Blue is named after the historic " Rock of Cashel," a medieval castle that was once the seat of the Kings of Munster and where lore has it St Patrick commenced the conversion of the pagan Irish to Christianity by using a shamrock to explain the Holy Trinity, giving birth to one of Ireland’s national symbols.

Traditionally made in 1.5kg wheels (or thereabouts) and packaged in gold foil with a simple black and white label containing the name “Cashel Blue”.

Cashel Blue is sold exclusively in the USA as “Kerrygold Cashel Blue”.