Meet The Cashel Team

Sarah Furno

Joint Owner and Cheese Maturer. Sarah is responsible for keeping the show on the road – sustainably growing the family business. With a true passion for food, she loves visiting fellow food producers around the world. She is a mother of three budding foodies!

Sergio Furno

Joint Owner, Cheese Maturer and occasional Cheesemaker. Sergio’s greatest loves are Italian football, home brewing and elaborate foodie experiments. His heritage is a rice farm in Northern Italy.

Jane and Louis Grubb

Founders and Co-Directors of the company, Together Louis and Jane created Cashel Blue in 1984. Jane describes Cashel Blue as her baby that has grown up. A creative and hands-on person, she is now retired and enjoying life on the farm with her grandchildren. Louis, the semi-retired entrepreneur, continues to closely follow activities in the dairy. Louis loves a good story, fixing up his old boats and botany.

Louis Cliften Brown

Louis Clifton Brown

Quality Assurance and Environmental Manager. Louis keeps us on our toes, and our standards high. He is our No.1 fixer and systems-guy. The greater the problem – the louder he sings. When not in the dairy, he can often be found singing on a local stage.

Mary Leahy

Accounts. Mary looks after bookkeeping and keeps us on our toes. When she’s not working on the accounts you’re likely to find her busily taking part in amateur dramatics and hillwalking.

Przemyslaw Magalinski

Cheesemaking Team Leader. Przemyslaw, originally from Poland is our all round, cool headed likeable guy, who keeps us organised and is making a fine job of learning the art of cheese-making. When not making cheese he may be assisting his wife running her Polish Food shop in local Thurles.

Finola Anglim

Administration. Finola joined the team in late 2018 and does a great job in keeping us organised and taking care of the day to day administration at the dairy. She has a wealth of experience in family businesses, having worked with her husband for years.

Pawel Noga

Cheesemaker. Pawel joined us in 2012 having previously worked making soft, fresh cheeses in Tipperary. Originally from Poland, he now has a strong Tipperary lilt and brings great banter to the much needed tea break. He loves doing up old cars.


Clara Marie Tracey

Marketing. Clara is charged with the project of selling our blue cheeses to France and the Benelux, a tough task!  She leads a double life, split between cheese and music.

Our other team members are:

  • John Donaghy
  • Anne Nevin
  • Joan Hayde
  • Mary Leahy
  • Jill Schubert
  • Mary Maher
  • Mike Nevin
  • Noel O'Dwyer
  • Edmond Rice
  • Joe McGrath
  • Pat Morrissey (farm)
  • Stephen Baskin (farm)
  • Paul Maher
  • James O'Connell
  • Martin Ryan
  • Metin Cunlu
  • Laurence Walsh

The team in 2019: