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An account of my work experience with Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers, by Karen Corbett.

“Irrational job decisions drove me from management training, in mainstream clothing retail, to a Masters Program in marketing with Cork Institute of Technology. Lunch times in college for most people meant a trip to the crowded greasy canteen, but not for me, instead a trip to the farmers market beckoned. The odd giggle was palpable from my student peer group, but to their ignorance I was the one that laughed, escaping into the inspirational environment of eclectic food stalls.

Surrounded by stall after stall, I was in heaven, the fresh smell of the sizzling burgers drew crowds into this exciting spot. Consistently I would head to the market to satisfy my stomach and emotions, I found myself spending lots of money on food, but I didn’t care, I was satisfied! My time in Cork meant trying more and more restaurants and often Cork natives would ring me and ask where they should go? It was then I knew, food was for me.

December came and went and I knew I wanted to go into the food industry and that’s when I thought, “Lets Shop Local.” I contacted Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers, 6 miles from my family home near The Horse and Jockey in Co. Tipperary, and to my delight, I got in! I researched the company, but I realise now that the internet is really only a funnel of limited information, and in actual fact, you learn the most, by doing.

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Karen meeting Ardsallagh Cheese, Cahills Cheese and Carrigaline Cheese at The Pallas Foods Kilkenny Road Show in April.

I have taken part in many tastings, to try and understand the product. Tastings varied from speciality cheese shops to supermarket chains and food service wholesalers (Pallas Foods, SuperValu and On The Pigs Back) I found the tastings very informative and it also allowed me to gain a greater understanding for the love of Cashel Blue® Cheese. Before coming to Cashel Farmhouse Cheesemakers I had tried Cashel Blue® once or twice and found the taste quite surprising, after some time of tasting Cashel and Crozier Blues I have acquired quite a taste for them. You don’t just love a product off hand, you grow to love a product because you have respect and that closeness to something you know.

I often question the food industries ethics, for me learning the whole farm to fork concept has only encouraged me to find out more. The brand Cashel Blue® has in its’ own right earned the respect of customers, I have never been around a product so highly renowned and respected and that has such a following as Cashel Blue®. To be involved with such a great team and to have gained an insight into such a successful product is an experience to be remembered.


Karen Corbett while on work experience from Cork Institute of Technology Masters program

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